Doc Bellows, Pep's ivory tickling, accodrion playing right hand manTickling the ivory keys of the accordion is Pepper’s right hand man, Doc Bellows! Versatility is his middle name. Talented as a keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist, Doc Bellows learned the accordion just to bring back that special, unforgettable sound heard in cowboy music.

Doc’s dry wit makes him the perfect straight-man in the knee-slapping stage antics. Talent just seems to run in the family. When you make it to one of the shows, stop by the Wagonwheel Mercantile and check out the fine cowboy art of Doc’s wife, Quick Draw. If you were wondering what your den wall was missing, now you know!

Originally from Northeast Ohio, Doc’s first musical memories were attending rehearsals with his Dad and two brothers (all three accomplished brass ensemble musicians). Schooled first on organ, he performed publicly at age 11 at an Easter service in church. From there he added piano, guitar, synthesizer, bass, mandolin and various orchestral percussion to his musical pursuits, all the while keeping vocal music a primary interest. Through the years, church music has remained a constant in Doc’s musical endeavors, highlighted by his graduation from the College of Mt. St. Joseph, Cincinnati in 1996 having pursued studies in both Religious Studies and Music.

He has served as choir directors and music director for churches in Indiana and Arizona and was selected as Cantor for the 75th Anniversary celebration of Mt.St. Joseph College in 1995 where he was also a member of the Campus Ministry Ensemble with his wife Quickdraw and daughter Keavy. Thanks are most graciously offered to many music teachers along the trail including Bob Miller, Chris Wolf, Anna Dunn, Cy Chinn, Charla Drake, Dave Kirkendahl, Judith Brown, Fr. Angelo, and of course to Dad and brothers Al and Phil.

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