Wild West Dinner Theater 2008

Wild West Dinner Theater 2008


Please feel free to mosey through the pictures below from the Opera House series at the Carefree Resort.

Wild West Dinner Theater

The place to be is at the Carefree Resort in Carefree Arizona! Pioneer Pepper & The Sunset Pioneers are performing at this great location in an ongoing Dinner & Show series every Saturday night. It’s fantastic! You see, we partnered up with the wonderful folks at the Carefree Resort & Villas, to bring you great old west entertainment in this beautiful setting. The Opera House has a rich old west atmosphere and The Sunset Pioneers fill it with music, stories and fun from the exciting era of the singing cowboys! Make sure you check our schedule often for the latest performance dates. You don’t want to miss this show!

Carefree Opera House

Now folks, I have to tell you that I am personally so excited to be performing again this year at the Carefree Resort Dinner & Show Series. This place is beautiful and the people know how to keep that western welcome alive. The Opera House is absolutely stunning with it’s western charm and beautiful chandeliers and the Red Horse Saloon invites you to “belly up to the bar” for some of your favorite wild west beverages. Make sure you try Pioneer Pepper’s signature drink, the “Pioneer Pepper Prickly Pear Margarita“! After our evening performances we entertain you with one of our famous and funny gunfights at the Stage Coach Pass. There will even be a campfire or two waitin’ for you after the gunfight so you can roast some of Carefree Resort’s famous s’mores!. The entire evening is truly unforgettable old west experience. A show for all ages! When you scroll down, you can see some of the pictures from the new show at The Carefree Resort!

Pioneer Pepper now has his own signature drink!
The Pioneer Pepper Prickly Pear Margarita!

I’m not kidding folks. If you want to enjoy the most refreshing, lip smacking, dry dust destroying, thirst quenching, wild west drink around, then belly up to the bar in the Opera House or at the Red Horse Saloon and order yourself a Pioneer Pepper Prickly Pear Margarita! They are delicious! Look inside your show programs, because there are $2 OFF COUPONS for Pioneer Pepper Prickly Pear Margaritas! Maybe I’ll join you in the Red Horse Saloon after the show myself!

Pioneer Pepper Prickly Pear Margarita

Drinking the Pioneer Pepper Prickly Pear Margarita

Here are some pictures from the shows thus far!

Pioneer Pepper & The Sunset Pioneers perform at the Carefree Resort

Calena of The Sunset Pioneers trick roping

Fancy Fiddlin with Cassandra of The Sunset Pioneers

Famous bull whipper

Cowgirl Nightingale Cassandra of The Sunset Pioneers

Tap Dancing Calena of The Sunset Pioneers

Pointe Ballet with Cassandra of The Sunset Pioneers

Pioneer Pepper sings to a fan

Gunfight with The Sunset Pioneers


Here are some pictures of the best resort staff in the West!
I’m not kidding folks. The staff at the Carefree Resort is among the friendliest and most dedicated we have found. They sincerely want to make your experience at the resort an extraordinary one. Their attention to customer service is so refreshing to see. I reckon it must be the good old fashioned western hospitality coming through. You definitely will notice it when you walk through the doors of this great and historic resort. I’ll be adding more pictures as the series continues. Please make sure you tell the wonderful staff that you saw them on the web site!

Pioneer Pepper & Frank Ashmore of the Carefree Resort

The Carefree Resort Opera House

Pioneer Pepper with Denise at the Carefree Resort

Pioneer Pepper at the front desk of the Carefree Resort

Pioneer Pepper at the front desk

Pioneer Pepper pool side at the Carefree Resort

I’ve posted some pictures of The Opera House and the Carefree Resort below so you can scroll down and see where you will be coming to when you book this great Wild West Weekend package!

The Spa

At the Carefree Resort

Well Folks, I have to tell you that I just experienced a day on the trail like I never have before! It was the trail that led me right to The Spa, at the Carefree Resort. I don’t think there are enough wonderful adjectives that can describe the day that Cassandra, Calena, and I had under the care of Christina, the Spa supervisor. If you have never had the pleasure of a session at a spa or one of the many pleasantries they offer, then make the trip to The Spa at the Carefree Resort. If you have enjoyed the services of a spa before, then you will definitely want to experience the professional staff and fantastic amenities that the Carefree Resort Spa has to offer. I just can’t say enough incredible things about them. Make sure you scroll down and take the picturesque ride of the day at The Spa. I have their web site link listed here and again at the end of the pictures. Yee Ha!!

Pioneer Pepper signs in at the Spa

Pioneer Pepper, Cassandra, & Calena at the Spa

Pioneer Pepper's boots

CAssandra of the Sunset Pioneers at the Spa

Calena of The Sunset Pioneers at the Spa

Cassandra & Calena of The Sunset Pioneers at the Spa

Pioneer Pepper getting pampered at the Carefree Resort Spa

Pioneer Pepper & his Fender Guitar

Carefree Resort Spa with Pioneer Pepper

Pioneer Pepper's spa treatment is over

Pioneer Pepper is ready for the stage at Carefree Resort

25% coupon for the Carefree Resort Spa


Carefree Sunset

Carefree Resort Opera House

Carefree Resort Villa

Carefree Resort Villa inside

Carefree Resort pool

Well folks, we look forward
to seeing you at
The Carefree Resort in Carefree Arizona!